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“Having Mark work with us has been a huge help to all in our school. His beliefs around the teaching of mathematics centre around a wider, deeper understanding of maths for all children using thoughtful questioning and by facilitating learning through the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract tasks. His way with both children and staff puts everyone he meets at ease and allows all learners to feel confident and delve deeper into their own knowledge without fear. Mark practises what he preaches and is happy to demonstrate his techniques before working alongside teachers and teaching assistants to develop the same skills in them. Mark’s input has been valuable and effective across the school and all staff who worked with him are now much happier, more confident maths teachers. Thank you Mark! ” – Bradford Deputy Headteacher (CSP SCHOOL)

“I started my role as Maths Leader in September 2017. Mark was invited to come and support me in developing my role. From the very first meeting with Mark, he was extremely helpful and supportive, providing me with a clear direction in helping to shape our improvement plan for Maths across the school. He has helped me to support teachers at my school and show them the importance of and ease in building reasoning into the teaching of everyday maths. Mark delivered some CPD to all teaching staff, modelling a range of reasoning activities, using concrete apparatus. This was immediately implemented in my maths lessons and has brought ‘maths to life’ for my pupils. Mark also worked with me in observing other teachers in the school, through informal ‘drop-ins’ and book scrutinies. This has given me the confidence to observe staff on my own. Additionally, Mark supported me in writing a revised calculation policy for written methods and a policy for FDP. This has resulted in a clear, systematic approach to teaching calculation across school, including the Foundation stage. Mark’s breadth and depth of Maths knowledge have contributed to developing a variety of practices in our school. The impact of this being that, within two terms, three cohorts have made outstanding progress, with all pupils making 2 or more bands progress.”  Maths Leader at 3 form Bradford Primary School 



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