Geometry Module May 2019 – Year 3 and 4 Teachers

Thanks to Mark for two excellent bar-modelling training sessions. They built up from how to use the approach in Foundation Stage to some really tricky problems which had us all scratching our heads! The training was delivered with enthusiasm and a working understanding of what life in the classroom is like. We would definitely recommend this training to other schools.

Maths Leader – Queensway Primary School, Yeadon

Best aspects of the module:

  • The practical aspect seeing the knowledge in an actual lesson
  • Practical and interactive
  • Practical application – very useful as always,
  • I thought being part of the lesson was a really good experience as well as the discussion afterwards.

Aspects of the course that will have the greatest impact:

  • Discussion was helpful to see the progression within a lesson,
  • The practical ideas that were shared
  • The order in which to teach shape will greatly effect the understanding of the children,
  • Subject knowledge and how to put it into practice in class

Maths Subject  Leaders 

Great session, yesterday. Rachel, the head of EYFS at my school, came away with loads of ideas – and as did I.

I really appreciated the opportunity to do short bits of reading during your sessions as I struggle to find the time to search out and read research with my hectic workload.

I particularly appreciated the chance to work with the children and try the maths stories first hand.

Matthew.  Maths Leader at Green Lane Primary School

An informative afternoon with time to network and share best practice. A good way to keep abreast of the subject of Maths in primary schools. 

Maths Leader at Ashlands Primary School, Ilkley

I’ve only been to two meetings but I can say I’ve really liked how we can learn from one another to see what works and what doesn’t. 

I’m looking forward to next year!

Thanks Mark

Best Features:

  • Great to connect with other Maths Leads, networking, sharing ideas, updates.
  • Very clear ideas of ways to lead the subject in school.
  • Huge amount of research, which was emailed so that we can review it
  • Keeping up today with new developments

Greatest impact:

  • Shape problem solving, hands on ideas, sharing resources.
  • Cross curricular maths and how it can be lead in school.
  • Use of resources to compliment a mastery approach.

KS2 Subject Knowledge Modules 17/18

Really useful course. Lots of good ideas, especially liked the practical pie charts! Thanks!

Best features of the modules:

  • concrete examples that we worked through that can be applied in class
  • Exploration of misconceptions
  • Understanding the conceptual aspects
  • Linking the concrete and the abstract
  • Maths exploration through real world hands on approach

Greatest impact of the modules:

  • Strategies that can be brought into the classroom,
  • Informing my own teaching of how to approach different topics Understanding how to link practical resources to methods
  • Really helpful to deepen my understanding of Y6 maths

Bar Modelling Staff Meeting – January 18

Our staff received training on the use of bar method when solving problems. Mark was well prepared with lots of apparatus we could use. He delivered training that was thorough and engaging. it was useful & realisticfrom EYFS to year 6. He was very approachable , realistic & aware of what it was like being in a busy classroom. All staff enjoyed the training & said that they had got something useful out of it. We would not hesitate to invite Mark back to our school

N. Granger Maths Lead Teacher Elvington Primary School. York

Bar Modelling Twilights

Thanks for the twilights. They were really useful in helping us on our Bar Modelling journey!

Karen Boardman, Headteacher, St Barnabas CE Primary School York

Teaching Assistants CPD on Models and Images

Thank you for your extra support and knowledge. I now have lots of ideas to support children in learning and achieving

Thank you for explaining different ways to teach maths. I feel much more confident! You have made maths fun!!

Thank you for your extra support on smart strategies and bar modelling

This would be really useful starting in Year 2 and continuing throughout the school years. It was really fun!

Worthinghead Primary School, Bradford

Key Stage 1 mastery course

Good practical advice on how to deepen learning.

The greatest impact will be “use of more practical equipment and getting children to explain more

Various KS1 Teachers

Differentiation for the quick learners course

“Lots of visual aids to help the teaching of reasoning”

“I like the journalling idea and the opportunity it gives the children to explain their methods”

“Lots of practical ideas and resources which will have a direct impact on my class!”

“Thank you – a great afternoon!”

Various KS2 Teachers

Primary Maths Subject Leaders Network Meetings

“Really good ideas and practical ways of improving children’s maths”

“I will be using the different methods of learning, including the journal when I go back to school”

“Very hands on and practical”

“Lots of ideas to give to staff on puzzles/activities to develop depth”

“Another good, thought provoking course. Lots of actions to go back to school with”

“Showing how it can be visual and creative …… Not spoon feeding, letting children think for themselves”

Various Bradford Subject Leaders

Bespoke Work

Having Mark work with us has been a huge help to all in our school. His beliefs around the teaching of mathematics centre around a wider, deeper understanding of maths for all children using thoughtful questioning and by facilitating learning through the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract tasks. His way with both children and staff puts everyone he meets at ease and allows all learners to feel confident and delve deeper into their own knowledge without fear. Mark practises what he preaches and is happy to demonstrate his techniques before working alongside teachers and teaching assistants to develop the same skills in them. Mark’s input has been valuable and effective across the school and all staff who worked with him are now much happier, more confident maths teachers. Thank you Mark!

Bradford Deputy Headteacher

After speaking with staff, we really enjoyed the paper folding / fraction / conceptual activity.

Secondary School Maths Leader

We’re really making progress now in conceptual development, so thank you for your part in that

Secondary School Maths Leader

I started my role as Maths Leader in September 2017. Mark was invited to come and support me in developing my role. From the very first meeting with Mark, he was extremely helpful and supportive, providing me with a clear direction in helping to shape our improvement plan for Maths across the school. He has helped me to support teachers at my school and show them the importance of and ease in building reasoning into the teaching of everyday maths. Mark delivered some CPD to all teaching staff, modelling a range of reasoning activities, using concrete apparatus. This was immediately implemented in my maths lessons and has brought ‘maths to life’ for my pupils. Mark also worked with me in observing other teachers in the school, through informal ‘drop-ins’ and book scrutinies. This has given me the confidence to observe staff on my own. Additionally, Mark supported me in writing a revised calculation policy for written methods and a policy for FDP. This has resulted in a clear, systematic approach to teaching calculation across school, including the Foundation stage. Mark’s breadth and depth of Maths knowledge have contributed to developing a variety of practices in our school. The impact of this being that, within two terms, three cohorts have made outstanding progress, with all pupils making 2 or more bands progress.

I became Maths Subject Leader at Skelton Primary School, York in January 2018. I was new to the role and subject leadership as a whole, knowing this was new to me my headteacher enlisted Mark to mentor me and I was able to hit the ground running. 

Mark was very receptive to my ideas and supported me through any improvements I wanted to roll out. He guided me through writing an action plan, helping me to focus on what we really needed to achieve as a school and how we could achieve these goals. 

As a school we were beginning to implement the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach; Mark offered detailed insight into this approach which allowed me to lead several staff meetings to aid the implementation this across the school. 

Owing to be being new to subject leadership, Mark joined and supported me on learning walks around the school as well as lesson observations and book analysis. Without Mark’s support I would still be muddling my way through leading Maths however I now, thanks to Mark’s exceptional mentorship I am confident in my abilities and know that should I need any support Mark is available to and capable to support me fully.

I was quite overwhelmed in my new role because there was so much that needed to be done but it was such a relief when Mark came into school to work with me.  He has such a fantastic approach which is really empowering and enabled me to develop both my subject knowledge and understanding of my leadership role.  Mark supported me in developing our school’s vision and what our targets needed to be to work towards it.  He also worked alongside me to develop our written calculation policy with a CPA approach that supported depth of understanding.  

Mark also came in to meet our staff team and lead some training sessions.  It supported the various policies, approaches and training that I had introduced and reassured our staff team.  Mark also talked about growth mindset which our team related so well too and it shifted the feeling across school.  The team found an inner strength and can positive ‘can do’ attitude which has resulted in so much success throughout the last two academic years

Maths Subject Leader at Skelton Primary School, York